Saturday, August 30, 2014

Price out your canning stuff and what we have found to save money

 We have been  slow cooking, canning, salsa, etc... with Mrs. Wages products for awhile this is actually not really a review as we have already reviewed their products but more of a canning how to and where the best products are for this. Another thing we do is get our canning jars at Dollar General and price them all over and even if you look online there are companies that sell canning jars super cheap and will even send FREE SAMPLES sometimes for those who are canning big time the cost can be so much lower than purchasing everything in the discount stores. I price out my spices and jars like a store would because my house is filled with canning jars and if I can purchase them for 12 cents why pay 1.00 right? And you can always call and talk to a sales rep and make deals too if you plan on filling your house like we have.. or talk to a store manager and ask him to order you a bunch and ask for a deal. Hands down though we love Mrs. Wages canning spices we love it all of their great products for  canning. This is the brand to go with!  They have our favorite canning spices hands down they just taste so awesome!  If you have never canned I suggest picking up a canning book or better yet do it the first time with a friend who knows how to do it. w Mrs. Wages can be picked up at Walmart and your local grocery store. I have many canned items on my shelf that I have used Mrs. Wages with and the pickles spices are so good that when I share them I just feel so happy as the flavor is out of this world!  


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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

How long are canned good good ?

         In no way am I a expert on this subject... but here is a pointer to help you ... only can what you think you can eat in a year. I have heard of people eating canned food 25 years old.. etc.. and one way to keep things good is to make sure that all the food is covered in the liquid and no food is above the liquid line. Personally I like to only eat things that are a year old. More than that and I start to think twice. Any thoughts? Chat with me on twitter about this

FREEBIE ------> USDA Home canning guide click here

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Welcome to our Family Fun Canning Series!

      Family Fun Series on Canning! We will be sharing recipes, tips, shopping fun, and more here for your enjoyment! 
Our heart is to help you to be able to can as smart as you can! We don't believe in secret recipes in our family...we feel it is better to share as so many pass on to glory bringing their secret recipes with them! We also want to share with you our secret and not so secret places where you can gather all your goodies for your canning.

To start off I want to share our very favorite canning spices etc.. we love

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